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Clear YouTube search history on mobile or PC

Clear YouTube search history

We have all at some point made use of YouTube search history, the video streaming channel owned by Google. This medium allows uploading videos and broadcasting content, as well as allowing live broadcasts, recording broadcasts, etc. Obviously to do all this we must have an account and a registration. But what we mean is that every time we download videos and music from YouTube.

The program, like any other content search engine, stores the history of searches and reproductions both in the mobile application and on the web.

Many users do not find it correct to keep the record or history of their searches and reproductions stored in the program. So we will show you how you can delete YouTube search history. Since when the devices we use to access they shared and it is preferable to delete the information, preventing third parties from having access to it.

YouTube saves the history of the videos played or the searches carried out whenever we access using a Google account. But this deleted in the same way as we can delete YouTube search history on any of the devices that we use to navigate.

Of course, by deleting this record, the application will not be able to suggest recommended videos and the searches we carry out may take a little longer. But it is a way of perceiving that we have a more secure, protected and more private connection.

How to View YouTube Search History?

To view and delete the search history in the service on the web, first we must enter YouTube. Once there we will go to the options menu located in the upper left corner. We can identify it with the icon of the three horizontal lines. Once the menu is displayed, we will select the history option. We can find it in the second block of options.

Once this option is selected, a window will open where you will find the list of videos played in the left column and to its right an X with which you can delete them individually. In case you do not want to delete all the history. But if you want to do so, the option, everything on this column is eliminated. Once any of the options is selected, we must confirm the decision to eliminate.

Clear YouTube search history

In the case of deleting everything, a dialog box will appear notifying that we are deleting and that it affects. To confirm delete all search history we will select the option delete search history. In addition, a menu will be displayed on the right side of the screen. That will show the option to see the type of history you are looking for, the reproductions or the community. If you select the second option, the activity log will appear in the various publications.

Types of YouTube history

YouTube has two types of history on its platform, the first is the playback history. Which are the videos seen by the user and the suggestions of new videos that might interest them. The second is the search history, this saves the information of the video searches in written form.

Deleting YouTube history on Android

To delete the search history in the mobile application we must enter and access the account options. For this we will select our profile image located in the upper right corner. Once the menu displayed we will select the configuration option. There we will see between other options, history and privacy. We will select and a drop-down menu will appear.

Within this menu we have the option to delete playback history and delete search history. Selecting delete watch history brings up a notification window. That all YouTube apps deleted on all devices and video recommendations reset.

At the bottom there is the option to cancel and delete playback history, it confirmed and ready. If you select delete search history, the notice that it will be deleted from all devices and the options to cancel and delete search history appears in the same way. It is confirmed and we finish deleting the history.

In addition, in this menu we find alternatives to manage and configure options. Such as pausing the search history and the playback history. We can also configure the automatic elimination of the playback history, through the Google activity history.

Clearing YouTube search history on iOS

To delete it, you just have to click on your profile photo. Look for the history and privacy option, then to finish, press delete search history. You must bear in mind that video suggestions will no longer appear in the search bar after deleting the history. However it will not affect the video recommendations.

Steps to delete YouTube search history on PC

If you want to delete the search history on a PC. You must enter the YouTube main page and login YouTube account. Go to the settings menu and look for the option to delete search history. This you can do if you are in your account, otherwise not all history options will be displayed.

Automatically delete searches and reproductions we do from YouTube

To automatically delete YouTube history on Android you must go to your profile photo, look for the privacy history option and then manage activity. In this section you can choose to delete your history every 18 months, 3 months or manually.

To do it from the PC you must enter your Google account, then in data and personalisation. Choose the activity controls option, then in YouTube history and finally, in manage activity. In this section you should go to the upper right in the option more, then in saving activity during, where you can choose the automatic deletion time that seems most to you. When you have done it, you just have to click on the next button to confirm your new configuration.

Other ways to avoid saving your search and watch history on YouTube

If you want to prevent your searches from being saved within the YouTube platform. You can pause your history. You must enter your account settings , look for the history and privacy option. Then activate Youtube the options to pause the playback history and pause the search history. In this way, the history not saved in our accounts until we change the option.

Activate incognito mode of the YouTube App

To enter incognito mode from the app, you just have to go to your profile picture and select the option to activate incognito mode. Keep in mind that this tool only used if you have logged into the platform. If you have this mode active, the search history or views not saved in the app.

Use incognito mode from a web browser

Incognito mode on YouTube is only available so far in its app for Android and iOS. To view YouTube from incognito mode you must activate this mode from the web browser you are using. When you browse in incognito mode, your search history not saved within the web browser.

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